“I tend to make monochromatic pictures, prefer muted and subdued colors.”

Artem Nadyozhin (born 1984) is a contemporary photographer from the Ukraine currently based in Kiev.

Artist statement: “Portrayed still lives – that’s how I would call most of my works with characters. Still some of my colleagues call my works social-­oriented and problematic. Well that’s what my life is.”


Image from photographer Artem Nadyozhin


Artem Nadyozhin, where did you study photography?

Haven’t study in any school, but it came with practice, I shoot for more than five years. My first photo-­‐experience happened at age 24 when a very unprofessional but well designed soviet film camera ‘Agat–18’ fell into my hands.

What’s in your photography bag? What kind of equipment do you use?

Regular film like Kodak / Fujifilm 100 – 200 iso + Minolta X 370 camera.

Which advice would you give someone who wants to get started with photography?

Practice and find own style, don’t try to shoot by references.


Image from photographer Artem Nadyozhin


What is your body of work about?

Portrayed still lifes–that’s how I would call most of my works with characters. Each person on my photo is like a frozen version of himself, realistic but still not full. I try to capture just certain moments of their life.

How did you develop your style?

I guess some of my photographs might be interpreted as social-­oriented is because of the color and light. I tend to make monochromatic pictures, prefer muted and subdued colors. They come from my childhood in Pervomaisk a small industrial town (South Ukraine) with hue foggy landscapes, abandoned factories and carries. I think they defined the way I see the world.

What were the most beautiful, challenging or remarkable moments creating images?

It usually comes when you are on holidays, with people you love but in unfamiliar surroundings, all moments become remarkable.


Image from photographer Artem Nadyozhin

Image from photographer Artem Nadyozhin


Why did you become a photographer?

I still can not admit that I became a photographer, I mean I do not make money for a living by taking pictures. I take it more personal, it’s not a commercial part of my life.

What does photography mean to you?


Which photographer has inspired you most? Do you have a point of reference when realizing you images?

There are those who’s work I admire like Nan Goldin or Ryan McGinley. But I don’t think I watch on their work like references. I’d rather say it’s all the Flickr, Tumblr and other visual blogosphere community, all young talented photographers from all over the world who’s names I cannot even remember but who inspire me day by day.

Which photographer has caught your attention lately?

Controversial self portraits by finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja. Because she is honest and smart.


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