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BAKER’s DOZEN Pinhole Photography Project by Amy Rockett-Todd and Antonia Small

Drama In Unexpected Places

For Amy Rockett-Todd and Antonia Small pinhole photography means magic and mystery. Their recent project is called "BAKER's DOZEN". Read More
Image from Tim Richmond

Springboard Into A Narrative

Cinematic photography: The images of British photographer Tim Richmond seem like cut-out stills of movie scenes. Read More
Image from photographer Brant Slomovic

Quiet Moments

Investment in time: For Brant Slomovic passion, spirit of inquiry and perseverance are the most important qualities of a good photographer. Read More
Image from Peter Hoffman

Sincerely And Simply

Questions of an existential nature: With his images Peter Hoffman challenges people to think about what's important in life. Read More
Images from Håkan Strand

A Break From Daily Life

For Swedish fine art photographer Håkan Strand taking pictures is a form of breaking free from the constraints of everday routine. Read More
Image from Wilfred Lim Photographer

Happy On The Outside

Cheerful on the surface, but with underlying darkness: Wilfred Lim deals with the ambiguity of life in his photographs. Read More
Image from Michael Jackson Photography Poppit Sands

Poppit Sands

Abstract form and flow: Photographer Michael Jackson explains the work-flow behind his long-term project "Poppit Sands". Read More
Virginie Noel Photography

On The Edges Of Society

Fascinated by human emotions Belgium artist Virginie Noel uses photography as a tool to visually explore the edges of society. Read More
Image from Jorge Fuembuena

“An Act Of Seduction”

For Spanish portrait photographer Jorge Fuembuena photography is a means of getting to know ourselves - and an act of seduction. Read More
Image from Natalya Reznik and Denis Davydov

“The Truth We Believe In”

Russian artists Natalya Reznik and Denis Davydov investigate in their images problems of elderly people and the desire to love and to be loved. Read More
Peter Kayafas Love and Death in Mexico City

Urban Culture In Mexico City

Peter Kayafas and his quiet yet evocative black and white moments of urban culture in Mexico City. Read More
EXPOSURE Award 2014 Jody MacDonald

Kickstart Your Photo Career – EXPOSURE Award 2014

Previous winner Jody MacDonald shares her experience of how to succeed at the EXPOSURE Award. Read More
Giamcomo Brunelli Disappearing Into Nature Self-Portraits

Disappearing Into Nature

In a series of self-portraits in nature Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli explores issues of vulnerability. Read More
Image from ROUNDABOUT #cyprus Lavinia Parlamenti

Going Round In Circles

ROUNDABOUT #cyprus: A visual journey dismantling the grotesque reality of an island in the Mediterranean sea split up in two parts. Read More

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