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LIFE Magazine shaped of what is photojournalism today

Non-Fictional Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is an essential part of news media. But how did it all start and what is photojournalism? Read More
Ways of Seeing is one of the most popular books from John Berger

Ways Of Seeing

Photography has changed our ways of seeing the world. John Berger is a reference when it comes to analyzing visual images. Read More
The image "View from the window at Le Gras" from Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Shooting Through A Pinhole

Pinhole photography is a great way to learn about the nature of photography. At the same time it helps to take pictures more consciously. Read More
Getting started with pinhole photography taking pictures on the streets of Buenos Aires

Experiments With A Pinhole Camera

Building a pinhole camera is easy and at the same time highly educating. It teaches you a lot about the nature of photography. An experiment. Read More
Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the term of the decisive moment in photography

Train Your Gaze With Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson is a legend in photography. The French photographer coined the concept of the "decisive moment". Read More
Simplicity In Photographic Composition

Photographic Composition Techniques

You can greatly improve your images by following a few basic photographic composition techniques like correct framing, lines or rule of thirds. Read More
Blow Up is one of the best photography movies ever

“We See, What We Want To See”

"Blow Up" is a crime story without a crime; a puzzle about the nature of photography. Read More

Evoking the Past

There is a quality in the images of Humberto Rivas which leave the observer with an idea of a story, that unfolds beyond the frame. Read More

Photographer of Silence

Humberto Rivas' photography may seem trivial, but a closer at his iamges shows that they are well thought compositions of seemingly random scenes. Read More

Filling The Void…

Talking about his creative process, Argentine photographer Diego Sandstede shows that a project doesn't always start with a previous idea in mind. Read More
Nan Goldin and her famous image Nan and Brian in Bed NYC

Intimate Snapshots

Nan Goldin confronts the spectator with the harsh reality of New York subculture: Sex, drugs and AIDS - but also great intimacy. Read More
William Eggleston The Red Ceiling

Taking Pictures Of The Banal

William Eggleston has shown that the photographer is more important than the subject. His work means a turning point in photography. Read More

Man, Lost in Nature

Nicolás Trombetta is a contemporary Argentine photographer. The main concept and theme that struture his work are the sea, the beach and water. Read More
Adriana Lestido is an important documentary photographer from Argentina

Photographs of the Invisible

Argentine photographer Adriana Lestido talks with Juan Travnik. In that interview she reveals her vision of photography and the way she works. Read More

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