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Paul Batt set out on a photographic investigation of china

Photographic Investigation Of China

"A Single Line is a photographic investigation of China's rapidly altering landscape. The intention of the series is to explore the Chinese people's tentative...
Paul Batt photographically investigated China's urbanization

Subtle Truth About Modern Life

"If I was to put a label to my style, I guess I’d call it either documentary or conceptual-documentary photography. In that all of...

Photographs From The Gut

"My process is very subconscious, from the gut. Once I produce work then I sit and think about it and research almost always comes...

Getting Lost In Nature

"The source of inspiration for my own projects is the environment, getting lost in the places that I want to photograph. First I just...

Balance Of Content And Form

"I think my style came to me naturally. It is quite formal and suits the subject matter that I am working with." Jessica Auer (born...

Photographing Paintings

"I try to be technical, my job is photographing paintings. I try to add my own view onto scenes that anyone can visit, not...

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