Sarah Stacke (USA) -Documentary Photographer -

Life And How Messy It Can Be

Documentary photographer Sarah Stacke about "Love From Manenberg": "It's about relationships and the understanding that nobody is perfect all the time."

Visual Storyteller

Stories About People

Visually Stimulating

Street Photography

“Passion For Taking Pictures”

David Ortega, landscape and street photographer from Spain: "Concept, spontaneity, and "the decisive moment", that's what I value in street photography."

A Search For Sense

Contemporary Photography

Fine Art Photography

Dreamlike And Mysterious

Spanish contemporary photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is known for her dreamlike and mysterious images.
The dreamlike and mysterious photography of Spanish fine art photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is inspired by surreal ideas. Read More

Subtle. Delicate – Extraterrestrial

Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo
Polish artist Inez Baturo dedicates herself to fine art landscape photography because she feels that it is "something that is underestimated in arts". Read More

“Free The Thoughts In My Head”

Image from US fine art and wedding photographer Carey Primeau
Fine art photographer Carey Primeau talks about the power of photography - its power to influence culture, improve lives and social change. Read More

Landscape Photography

"I try to be technical, my job is photographing paintings. I try to add my own view onto scenes that anyone can visit, not scenes that cannot be accessed by the public." Kris Graves (born in 1982) is an US-photogrpaher...
"I think my style came to me naturally. It is quite formal and suits the subject matter that I am working with." Jessica Auer (born in 1978 in Montreal) is a Canadian landscape photographer. She holds a MFA in Studio...
"The source of inspiration for my own projects is the environment, getting lost in the places that I want to photograph. First I just wander around, walking through empty spaces, sometimes instinctively, sometimes on a previously drawn out route." Helena...
"My process is very subconscious, from the gut. Once I produce work then I sit and think about it and research almost always comes secondary to making the work." Katie Shapiro (born in 1983) is a contemporary landscape photographer currently...