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Sarah Stacke (USA) -Documentary Photographer -

Life And How Messy It Can Be

Documentary photographer Sarah Stacke about "Love From Manenberg": "It's about relationships and the understanding that nobody is perfect all the time." Read More
Image from British documentary photographer Luke Duggleby

“Showing People What You See”

Interview with award-winning documentary photographer Luke Duggleby about his passion for exploring the world through his viewfinder. Read More
Image from the project Gold Mining from US documentary photographer David Pace

Gold Mining

David Pace about 'Gold Mining': “I am fascinated by the men who risk their lives by descending into the earth in these narrow shafts." Read More
St. Gazantchetots Church, Shushi, from the "Father Land" series © Ara Oshagan

Photography From The Guts

In his work Ara Oshagan mixes photography with fiction. It's all about identity, memory and a certain obsession with the margins of society. Read More
Image from Giorgio Taraschi Hotel Waria

“Hotel Waria”

Sneak peek: Italian documentary photographer Giorgio Taraschi talks about his project about the lives of young transgender in Indonesia. Read More
Bartek Langer Documentary Photographer

Evoking Emotions

Photojournalist Bartek Langer about covering humanitarian crisis like the fate of Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq. Read More
Rob Stothard Cricket

A Mirror Of Diversity

Photojournalist Rob Stothard and his in-depth visual exploration of cricket as a mirror of current national identity in England. Read More
Image from documentary photographer and photojournalist Ami Vitale photography

Stories Out Of The Headlines

Award-winning documentary photographer Ami Vitale about the importance of covering stories out of the headlines. Read More
Image from the series Anywhere But Here from Australian documentary photographer Ian Flanders photography

Let It Bleed

Documentary photographer Ian Flanders talking about his heart moving series on human trafficking and sex slavery. Read More
Image from documentary photographer and photojournalist Mark Esper photography

Missing Moments

For Mark Esper photography is a means to capture "missing moments, be they beautiful or seen from a usual perspective". Read More
A girl dressed in a white wedding gown photographed by Greta Rybus

Catalyst For Change

"The best part of photography is that it is always an adventure. It is always a new environment, new lighting scenario, a new subject...
A man walking up a mountain photographed by Rony Zakaria

Fresh Mind

"I just go out with a fresh mind and eyes and shoot. If I’m shooting on a project. I will plan where and who...
Image from the project Western China from John Francis Peters showing a furr covered chair on the street

Collaborating With The Unknown

"I’m most interested in a creative interpretation of the subject matter. This process can allow room for discoveries to be made which fuels the...
A girl sleeping on a front porch photographed by Matt Black

Let The Pictures Come To You

"Photography by itself doesn't mean anything. Like writing, what you say with it is what's important." Matt Black (born in 1970) is a documentary photographer...

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