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Image from street photographer Luc Kordas

Street Is Raw. Street Is Real

Luc Kordas calls street photography "a weird and demanding genre" in which 99% is failure. If you hesitate a split second, the moment is gone. Read More

Intuition And Quick Response

Jimmy Dovholt (Sweden), street photographer: "I really like photos that manage to frame the clues, but exclude the answers." Read More

Something Like A Movie

Street photographer Christos Kapatos just goes out and observes. And if he's lucky, he will catch a frame of the theater of life. Read More
Image from Indian photographer Dipayan Bhattacharjee photography

Framing Life

For street photographer Dipayan Bhattacharjee photography is a language of visual story-telling which helps him to share his world. Read More
Image from Italian documentary and street photographer Fabrizio Quagliuso

Human Interactions

Fabrizio Quagliuso says that his passion for photography has stemmed from his natural curiosity and fondness for observing life and human interactions. Read More
"I Had Planned To Burn It All": Street photographer Michael Ernest Sweet talks about his mayor artistic crisis.

“I Had Planned To Burn It All”

Street photographer Michael Ernest Sweet talks about his mayor artistic identity crisis and tells how he found new inspiration after hitting rock bottom. Read More
Image from street photographer Aji Susanto Anom

“Learn To See The Unseen”

For Aji Susanto Anom street photography is a challenge to train the eye to see things that we normally wouldn't pay much attention to. Read More
Ethan Chiang Street Photographer

Emptying The Mind

For street photographer Ethan Chiang walking the streets with a camera in his hand is both an act of self-exploration and meditation. Read More
Image from street photographer Paul Coates

Snippets Of Life

British street photographer Paul Coates talks about the visual aesthetics of his sensitive black and white urban snipptes of life. Read More
Image from Indian street photographer Swarat Ghosh photography

Precious Moments

Swarat Ghosh talks about the fascination of his homecountry India for street photographers around the globe. Read More
Dimitris Makrygiannakis Street Photography

Day Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open

Award-winning street photographer Dimitris Makrygiannakis on the art of day dreaming and framing life on the streets. Read More
Simple and direct photography from French street photographer Jeff Cabella

Simple And Direct Photography

Dialog with the viewer: With his images street photographer Jeff Cabella seeks to inspire the oberserver to think about life. Read More
Non-confrotational street photography by Ian Brumpton

Non-Confrontational Street Photography

Respect for the subject: Ian Brumpton talks about his approach to non-confrontational street photography. Read More
Image from street photographer Antonis Damolis

Soulful Street Photography

Good photos don't shout: Greek photographer Antonis Damolis about soul and humour in street photography. Read More