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Image from street photographer Paul Coates

Snippets Of Life

British street photographer Paul Coates talks about the visual aesthetics of his sensitive black and white urban snipptes of life. Read More
Image from Indian street photographer Swarat Ghosh photography

Precious Moments

Swarat Ghosh talks about the fascination of his homecountry India for street photographers around the globe. Read More
Simple and direct photography from French street photographer Jeff Cabella

Simple And Direct Photography

Dialog with the viewer: With his images street photographer Jeff Cabella seeks to inspire the oberserver to think about life. Read More
Non-confrotational street photography by Ian Brumpton

Non-Confrontational Street Photography

Respect for the subject: Ian Brumpton talks about his approach to non-confrontational street photography. Read More
Image from street photographer Antonis Damolis

Soulful Street Photography

Good photos don't shout: Greek photographer Antonis Damolis about soul and humour in street photography. Read More
Picture of a shark and a man eating in a fast-food place photographed by Enrico Markus Essl street photography

Not Too Close

Candid moments with an odd twist: Austrian street photographer Enrico Markus Essl and his stunning images of everyday life. Read More
A crazy looking guy smoking a cigarrette can be seen on this picture from Luca Napoli street photography


Think twice before you shoot: Italian street photographer Luca Napoli and his search for unfiltered moments. Read More
Image from the series Streets of Tokyo from street photographer Jack Norman street photography

Recorder Of Forgotten Dreams

"Before I started using a camera to record events I used my eyes and my brain to store these memories. Many became confused and...
Image fron the series Streets of Paris from street photographer Keith Lloyd Davenport photography

Candid People Watcher

"A good street photograph needs to have a story, a comedy moment and/or a strong graphic composition to be noticed these days. Although it’s...
Image from Dmitry Stepanenko Street Photography

Aesthetic Pleasure

"I think street photography is more about experience and being alert. Of course, luck plays a very important role but you need to be...
A woman standing with her pink purse on the platform of the underground captured by Darran Roper street photography

Relaxed And Purposeful

"You can get away with a lot if you are relaxed and purposeful. My camera is taped up and looks a little like a...
An Asian girl is holding her hands up to protect her eyes from the sun photographed by street photographer Marc Fairhurst

“Why Did You Take This Shot?”

"If you go out with the intent of finding something, you give yourself tunnel vision and fail to see the larger world around you....
A woman wearing a giant white hat photographed by street photographer Manuel Chavez from Argentina

A Woman Called Ana

"For me street photography is a tool to get to know people. Before this I didn’t talk to anyone if I didn’t have to....
Two pairs of feet and a young boy playing in the background on a beach captured by street photographer Maxim Chichinskiy

Micro Moments

"We think that street photography is a unique means by which we can capture all those interesting things and all the non-repeating situations that...

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