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Two pairs of feet and a young boy playing in the background on a beach captured by street photographer Maxim Chichinskiy

Micro Moments

A group of artists from Eastern Europe founded the street photography collective "Momentum". Their mission: Capturing candid moments of everyday life.
Laundry outside of a house drying in the sun captured by street photographer Anthony Spatara

Coming Up For Air

Street photographer Anthony Spatara talking about his passion for image taking and why it's important to come up for air every now and then.
A group of young kids playing in the water captured by Matteo Zannoni

Like A Stray Dog

Matteo Zannoni is a street photographer from Italy influenced by the murky and disturbing style of Japan's great photographer Daido Moriyama.
A man exhaling under water photographed by Emilio Barillaro

Catcher Of Candid Moments

"The more you shoot, the more likely you'll be able to predict what might happen and be ready to catch it. It's like football,...
A woman caught in the act by street photographer Alveraz Ricardez

Unpredictable Adventure

"Street photographers need to be respectful in the space we occupy at any given moment. We can still be assertive in our approach, but...
Man with a cowboy hat captured on a staircase by Alveraz Ricardez

Photographic Journal Of Downtown LA

"There is something interesting around every corner of downtown LA and I’m drawn to chaos and unpredictability." Interview with street photographer Alveraz Ricardez about his...
Image from street photographer Julien Legrand

“Make The Images You Want To See”

"I try to make people ask themselves questions, to let the imagination run free." Julien Legrand (born in 1979) is a street photographer currently based...
Juan Tribaldos seeks the unconventional with his pictures

Weapon Of Awareness

"It has always been hard for me to go by normal society structures, and photography was the way to focus all my energy and...
Grumpy looking woman captured by Steven Quinn

Voyeuristic Street Photography

"I like when people aren't aware of the camera but if you get caught the person is looking right down the lens that can...
Funny character photographed by Tom Young

Human Behaviour In Urban Space

"Originally I shot with long lenses because I was nervous, then I shot wide because I thought it looked cool. More and more I...
Straigtforward street photography by Michael Ernest Sweet

Different Kinds Of Street Photographers

In your face or more candid? How to find your own way and style in street photography. Read More
Arthur Quejadas II Street Photography

Embracing Reality And Fiction

"I love the idea and interplay of humans with or within geometrical shapes and lines. The fleeting moment, obscured faces, layers of light and...
Image from Street Photographer Alexy Antonievich

Elbows And Creativity

"I would consider myself a sort of photojournalist. I do street photography and I enjoy documenting events and showing the moments in the way...
Image from Street Photographer Nico Chiapperini.

Kaleidoscope Of Memories

"Photography is my shelter and my comfort. Taking pictures is a good help to run away from some horrible images of my past." Nico Chiapperini...

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