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Clear And Open Mind

"A photo can move you emotionally or create some sort of mood. Someone once told me to do great things with my heart, mind...

Capturing Emotions

"I just love to create visual images, regardless of the medium. Or in other words: I love the "process" of creating." Vinoth Varatharajan Vinoth Varatharajan (born...

Beauty Of Life

"The photographer must have a message to share, a unique point of view that imprints in the shot, so when you see the photo,...

“Instinct Is Precious”

"My style is often quite bold in terms of shape and color with a fascination for quirky human predicaments, experiences and encounters. I prefer...

Soulful And Gritty

"I am very instinctual as a photographer, often guided by how I feel about a scene or subject. If my heart is pounding out...

Looking For Beauty

"I work with no expectation of producing anything. I look forward to being surprised. I want the viewers of my photography to be surprised...

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