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Image from the photography book Steve McCurry Untold The Story Behind The Photographs

The 5 Best Photography Movies About Steve McCurry

Get to know renowned documentary photographer Steve McCurry in these films following him on assigments and hearing him talk about his work. Read More
The Online Photography Film Festival is part of the FOTOWEEK held in Amsterdam

Online Photography Film Festival

As part of FOTOWEEK in Holland, "Online Photography Film Festival" presents the works of contemporary artists alongside films about legendary photographers. Read More
Have a look at a list of the 5 best photography movies about William Eggleston

The 5 Best Photography Movies About William Eggleston

William Eggleston is one of the most influential photographers alive. Get to know him better watching the 5 best photography movies about William Eggleston. Read More
Blow Up is one of the best photography movies ever

“We See, What We Want To See”

"Blow Up" is a crime story without a crime; a puzzle about the nature of photography. Read More
DEVELOP is a project by US photographer Erica Mc Donald

DEVELOP Photo: Nurturing the Creative Person

Erica McDonald, founder of "DEVELOP Photo": "It is important to me to do what I can to nurture the positive aspects of our profession, photography." Read More

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