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On “The Art of Creative Photography” I pick the brains of leading visual artists, dive into their habits and routines leaving you with actionable advice to help you tap deeper into your own creativity and become a better image taker.


“The Art of Photography” Podcast

In each episode, I’ll bring you interviews with inspiring photographers from around the globe sharing their secrets and insights. This show is not about tech talk, but all about the creative vision behind the lens.

You’ll get actionable advice to help you develop an unique photographic language and eventually take your craft as an image maker to the next level.

As a sneak preview, listen to the interviews with street photographers Valérie JardinRinzi Ruiz and Dimitris Makrygiannakis on my other podcast-show “Gate 7” which is mainly in German.



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Valérie Jardin

Image taken by street photographer Valérie Jardin author of the book Street Photography – Creative Vision Behind The Lens

Born in France, Valérie Jardin is currently based in Minneapolis.

She teaches workshops all over the world, runs the hugely popular podcast „Hit The Streets“ and is the author of several books. Her latest one is called „Street Photography: Creative Vision Behind The Lens“.

In this conversation, we focus on the creative process in image taking.

Assuming that street photography doesn’t require any special equipment, Valérie shares her techniques of capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Rinzi Ruiz

Image of a man with a hat taken by L.A. based street photographer Rinzi Ruiz who is known for his street zen approach to taking pictures in urban surroundings

In this interview street photographer Rinzi Ruiz talks about photography as a meditative exercise. He calls it „street zen“. Rinzi says: „Photography can change our minds, our emotions and many other things.“

When he found himself in a creative slump and stressed out working as an art director, street photography helped Rinzi to re-connect with the artist inside of him.

He says: „I felt that I had lost of part of myself, going up as a creative person. Basically, I was losing myself to the corporate life. I needed to find something to bring back my creativity.“

Dimitris Makrygiannakis

Image taken by Dimitris Makrygiannakis

In this interview Greek photographer Dimitris Makrygiannakis tells how a broken leg and a trip to India fueled his passion for taking pictures and shaped his artistic vision.

Until photography became a cornerstone of his life, Dimitris used his camera on his travels to make the normal touristic shots.

These days, taking pictures has a different meaning for him. He says: „Sometime in 2010 and after a series of events I discovered artistic photography. I got totally hooked and since then photography is a part of my life everyday.”

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Inspiring photographers from around the globe share their secrets and insights. Join the newsletter and you’ll get actionable advice to help you develop an unique photographic language and eventually take your craft as an image maker to the next level.
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