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The “Art of Creative Photography” is a dynamic and fast-growing online photography magazine with a loyal audience of photography enthusiasts – professional visual artists as well as dedicated amateur photographers.

If you are interested in reaching a community devoted to photography then advertising with “The Art of Creative Photography” is a good idea for you to promote your business.

If you provide a service or sell a product matching the interests of this site’s audience, please get in touch: kaibehrmann@web.de

I offer different advertisement options and would be glad to discuss the one that’s most appropriate for your needs as well as send you the media kit providing further detailed information about this site and its readership.

Ethics: I declare that I don’t publish paid guest posts, promoting products that don’t have anything to do with the theme of this site.

However, I’m offering a paid sponsorship of an article written by myself. At the end, I will include a paragraph explaining that your company has sponsored the article, with a link to your website, and providing any anchor text you approve of.

I only review things (photographic gear, photography books, photography services, website etc.) that I’ve tested and approved of myself.

All opinions expressed are my own. Furthermore I only recommend things that I personally find useful and worth it.

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When pointing to articles on Amazon, I use affiliate links which pays me a small commission on very purchase you make.

So if you enjoy the free content provided on this site and are a regular costumer on Amazon, entering the online shop from a link provided on The Art of Creative Photography is a highly appreciated form of supporting this project – helping it to keep going and constantly improving the quality of its content.

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