Contemporary Photography

Snowy Roses

Ines Monnet, contemporary photographer from Switzerland: "I guess everyone has a certain way of escaping from reality, mine is photography."
Image from photographer Silvia Miralles

Inhabited Space

Spanish photographer Silvia Miralles about her series "Inhabited Space" and why she thinks of photography as a chameleon.
Image from Argentine photographer Andy Fabrykant who says that photography is a kind of therapy for him

“Photography Is My Therapist”

Argentine artist Andy Fabrykant talks about his artistic crisis and how photography helped him to come out of it.
Image from the series Refuge Dreamgrove by Italian photographer Georges Salameh

Refuge Dreamgrove

The images of "Refuge Dreamgrove" are like letters to a friend, words said, or left unsaid, all floating down-stream to oblivion.
Image from the project 52 Songs, 52 Weeks from Romy

52 Weeks, 52 Songs

In her project "52 Weeks, 52 Songs" Spanish artist Romy is trying to translate into photographs the images that music created in her mind.
Image from the series Vedema from Greek landscape photographer Petros Koublis


In "Vedema", Petros Koublis states that photography has the ability to offer documents; nevertheless it also has a certain transforming force.
Image from the series The Frail Second by Htet T San

The Frail Second

Htet T San talking about his project "The Frail Second" in which he's portraying interesting figures reflecting in the wet sand.
Image from French contemporary photographer Marion Berrin

“Things I Want To Remember…”

Marion Berrin is a French contemporary photographer working on film, trying to evoke rather than just describe.
Image from Callum Andrews

Architecture On Film

Callum Andrews' work is centred on architecture and its relationship to both site and the scale of the human figure.
Fine Art photographer Jonathan Bourla from New Zealand

Sharply Rendered

Jonathan Bourla's photographic process took a distinct change: From a darkroom based stage to one carried out on a computer.
Image from photographer Artem Nadyozhin

Unfamiliar Surroundings

Portrayed still lives - that’s how contemporary photographer Artem Nadyozhin from the Ukraine defines his body of work.
Image from the series Chimera Of Control from Jeremy Blincoe

Chimera Of Control

Artsit Jeremy Blincoe about his series "Chimera of Control" which deals with today's world dominated by the pursuit of material objects.
Photograph from the series Hanging Houses from Ettore Moni

Hanging Houses

The series "Hanging Houses" from Ettore Moni, shot with large formar camera, portrays the life of people on the banks of the river Po.
Nicholas Pinto Photographic Dream

Photographic Dream

In his work, photographer Nicholas Pinto is seeking the mystical - transforming everyday life into a photographic dream.