Interview with Megan Haley

Nature Award, EXPOSURE 2013

Getting recognition for one’s work can be difficult.

Having a great portfolio is just one thing. Promoting it is equally important.

The annual EXPOSURE Award is an excellent opportunity to kickstart your career.

As a young emerging artist you have the chance to show your work to a huge audience worldwide – and winning up to $ 100.000 in awards.

It’s time to celebrate the power of your images.

This could be your moment. Enter the photography contest EXPOSURE Award 2014 today.

In a series of interviews, previous participants and winners share their experiences and give advice how to successfully enter the contest.


Megan Haley, why did you decide to enter the contest and how did you prepare your submission?

I had reached a point where I realized I had a large body of work (different personal projects), and I was doing absolutely nothing with the images.

“I took a leap of faith, chose to make EXPOSURE 2013 my first step.”

Like many photographers (I’m assuming I’m not the only one), I had a hard time putting my work out there.

Self promotion is so hard, but when you’re not sharing the work that you’re pouring your heart and mind into, there comes a point where something’s got to give.

I made a personal promise (and even posted on my blog about said promise) to finally start sharing my personal work.

Never having entered any contests, or applied for any grants, shown at a gallery, etc. it can be a little intimidating.

I was already part of the SEE|ME community when the EXPOSURE award came around in 2013. I took a leap of faith, chose to make EXPOSURE 2013 my first step and selected a group of images from one of my personal projects to submit.

Do you have some advice for photographers interested to submit their work to this year’s EXPOSURE Award?

Yes, go for it!

Regardless of the outcome, it feels good to make a step in sharing your hard work.

I chose submit a group of images from the same project, that had a consistent look to them. I’m not sure if that helped any, but it made sense to me as I was selecting what to put up there.

What does the EXPOSURE Award mean to you? Can you please share your experience?

“I am truly grateful for the experience.”

The EXPOSURE Award means more to me then just an award for an image.

The context of why I entered, and really forcing myself out of my comfort zone, was absolutely a personal victory on its own.

Receiving recognition for something you are so deeply passionate and curious about though, is such a wonderful feeling. I am truly grateful for the experience.

How has participating in the EXPOSURE Award changed your career?

Participating in the EXPOSURE Award has given me the confidence to continue to submit my work through different outlets.

I have also had other opportunities and inquiries that directly stem from winning the award and the exposure that it brought to my work.

Of course for me, it will also always be a reminder to keep stepping out of my comfort zone.

Exposure Award 2014 Megan Haley

Exposure Award 2014 Megan HaleyMore about Megan Haley




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