Women In Contemporary Society

Guia Besana (Italy), photographer: "I started to observe things I know more about, the world that surrounds me every day."

Hidden Treasures

Alicia Rius (Spain), contemporary photographer: "When photographing, I let my guts guide me more than my brain or technical aspects."

Life and Passion

Mark Mawson (England/UK), contemporary photographer: "My aim with my photography is to create atmospheric images that inspire people."

Alive And Human

Eric Weeks (USA), photographer: "Photographers are observers of life and when photographing or not, we really examine what it means to be alive and human."

Simplicity and Peacefulness

Michal Solarski (England/UK), photographer: "I am trying to avoid chaos in my photography. The way of my work is very loose and unstructured."

Originality And Color

Photographer Hal (Japan): "I am seeking new dimensions in portrait photography by challenging the majestic theme of mankind, defined through love."


Christine Carr (USA), photographer: "I think of an image as a great photo when it clicks in my heart and mind and when I desire to keep referring to it."

“Beauty In Banality”

Ryan Young (USA), photographer: "I create faithful depictions of how I experience something or someone, instead of formulating an idealized version."