Violet Forest

Striving For Verisimilitude

Violet Forest: "I'm interested in the phenomena of naively trusting an artificial reproduction of reality as reality itself."
Photographer Ves Aranova

Melting Into Time

German photographer Ves Aronova finds inspiration within herself and in the wonders and abysms of life equally."
Alejandro Cartagena People of Suburbia

Beauty. Simplicity. Complexity.

Alejandro Cartagena says that he pursues subject matters that are socially relevant to the Latin-American context he lives in.
An image of a sign saying fun games taken by Lisa Kereszi

The Party’s Over

US-artist Lisa Kereszi is a very intuitive photographer. She says: "I just go with my instinct to react to the world around me."
Image from US photographer Monica Denevan taken in Burma

Visually Compelling

Photographer Monica Denevan talks about her fascination for Burma and explains why taking photographs is a very slow process in her case.
Gayle Stevens (USA) -

Silhouettes Of Surrealism

US-artist Gayle Stevens is intrigued by what is overlooked in daily life and these objects are cherished for the unique beauty of their sparse remains.
Gerard Boyer (Spain) -


Gerard Boyer about "Ouroboro": "It's posed as a spinning labyrinth in a cubic space which the viewer can play the same way."
Gary D. Chapman (UK) -

Dark And Child-Like Humour

Gary D. Chapman displays a humoristic and playful flair. But besides the child-like humour there's a dark side to his photography.
Image from French photographer Marie Carladous

Hand-Coloured Photographs

French artist Marie Carladous is not interested in mass production. She only turns one print of each character she create into hand-coloured photographs.
Money Sleeps Here is one of the latest projects from Jason Koxvold

Money Sleeps Here

Jason Koxvold talks about his project "Money Sleeps Here" which he shot in Lagos, one of the biggest and yet poorest cities on the planet.
Spanish contemporary photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is known for her dreamlike and mysterious images.

Dreamlike And Mysterious

The dreamlike and mysterious photography of Spanish fine art photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is inspired by surreal ideas.
Photographer Jeanne Wells uses traditional photographic processes and analog techniques

Lyric Photographs

Visual artist Jeanne Wells cherishes traditional photographic processes. In this interview she explains her way of creating "lyric photographs".
Artist profile of Serbian photographer Bogdan Radenkovic

Manufactured Landscapes

In this interview he talks about one of his latest projects called "Manufactured Landscapes" and explains what he means by the term 'camera brain'.
Norwegian photographer Bjørn Wad describes his photography as simple clear and honest.

Simple. Clean. Honest?

For Bjørn Wad photography is a passion that occupies his thinking. He loves the whole creative process from the ideas, making sketches and lighting.