Peter Kayafas Love and Death in Mexico City

Urban Culture In Mexico City

Peter Kayafas and his quiet yet evocative black and white moments of urban culture in Mexico City.
EXPOSURE Award 2014 Jody MacDonald

Kickstart Your Photo Career – EXPOSURE Award 2014

Previous winner Jody MacDonald shares her experience of how to succeed at the EXPOSURE Award.
Giamcomo Brunelli Disappearing Into Nature Self-Portraits

Disappearing Into Nature

In a series of self-portraits in nature Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli explores issues of vulnerability.
Image from ROUNDABOUT #cyprus Lavinia Parlamenti

Going Round In Circles

ROUNDABOUT #cyprus: A visual journey dismantling the grotesque reality of an island in the Mediterranean sea split up in two parts.
In Simplicity Is Beatuy Alfredo Ezquerra Sánchez

In Simplicity Is Beauty

Simply beautiful: Spanish artist Alfredo Ezquerra Sánchez aims to capture the emotions of the observer as though he has stepped into the image.
Image from Grant Ellis photography

“The Details That Make Up Life”

Interview with contemporary photographer Grant Ellis about his current project "Bless Your Heart".
Exposure Award 2014 Megan Haley

“Leap Of Faith” – EXPOSURE Award 2014

EXPOSURE Awards: Previous participants and winners share their experiences and give advie how to successfully enter the contest.
Image from Cameron Williamson and his series IAW

“Life And Death Of My Grandfather”

Dealing with loss: Cameron Williamson and his visual journey in the footsteps of his deceased grandfather.
Image from Gianpaolo Arena

Hidden Evidence

Special space for contemplation: Italian photographer Gianpaolo Arena considers photography as a chance to comprehend life.
Photographic Diary Enclose from Prins de Vos

Photographic Diary

Visual exploration of an obsession: Prins de Vos and his intimate photographic diary about the relationship with his boyfriend.
Nude Portraits William Zuback

Nude Portraits

The art of nude photography: William Zuback on why the naked body is often not the center of attention in nude portraits.
The Hill of the Restless Wolves David Barreiro

The Hill Of The Restless Wolves

In his recent project David Barreiro deals with the link bewtween the individual and his environment in times of economic crisis.
Cosplayer in China from Daniele Mattioli

Cosplayer In China

Escape from reality: "Cosplayer in China" shows a subculture and the wish of its members to take on another personality.
Devil's Promenade from Antone Dolezal and Lara Shipley

Devil’s Promenade

Spook Light: When mystery and fantasy enter the ordinary world on the "Devil's Promenade".