Tiberio Ventura Economic Crisis in Italy

Left Behind

Abandoned factories: A photo essay from Tiberio Ventura documenting the economic crisis in Italy.
Niko Kallianiotis Photography

Bittersweet Apple

"Bittersweet Apple": A photographic exploration of cultural heritage and identity in the Greek community in Astoria.
Alexis Vasilikos Photograhy

“See With The Heart And Ignore The Mind”

For Alexis Vasilikos photography inherits the power to transcend the phenomenal plane of things, leading us to get an understanding of the transient nature of life.
Steven Barritt Mythographies

Behind Closed Doors

Dark and sinister look underneath the surface: Steven Barritt and his modern visual interpretation of Greek myths.
Photographing Ghosts Susan de Witt

“Ghosts In Mind”

Photographing ghosts: Analog photographer Susan de Witt and her photographic exploration of the otherworldly and surreal.
Surreal Light Photography from Adrian Limani

Surreal Light

A sense of mystery: Visual artist Adrian Limani is applying stunning surreal light effects to his conceptual photographs.
Surreal Photo Montages Tommy Ingberg

Surreal Photo Montages

Through his surrealist photo montages Tommy Ingberg pretends to raise questions and answers in the observer of his images.
Allyson Anne Lamb Beefcakes


Altered perceptions: In her recent series Beefcakes conceptual photographer Allyson Anne Lamb is deaing with the ambiguity of flesh.
Image from the series Lesser Moments from British photographer Richard Aldred photography

“Photography Allows Me To Indulge My Own Interests”

Interview with English contemporary photographer Richard Aldred about his series "Lesser Moments" and why photography suits him better than any other form of art.
A muscled man in a bathing suite in the colors of the US flag showing off his muscles photographed by Julie Grace Immink

Whimsical Street Eye

Julie Grace Immink is a photographer intrigued by subcultures. She's always been on the outskirts looking in, even before she owned a camera.
Image from the series and book Kitchen Stories from the Balkans by Eugenia Maximova

Life Is A Patchwork

With her background in journalism Eugenia Maximova strives to bring to light the lives of others in her photography.
Image called Fern Peony taken by analog photographer Vicki Reed photography

Striving For Simplicity

Vicki Reed is a photographer experimenting with different photographic processes such as pinhole and cyanotpyes.
Image from German conceptual photographer Daniel T. Braun photography

Escape From Reality

German visual artsit Daniel T. Braun uses photography to create conceptual works pushing the medium to its limits.
Image of a young man on the shore with the wind blowing taken by Slovenian artist Anja Gea Sladić

Like Christmas Morning

For Slovenian photographer Anja Gea Sladić photography is a way to preserve moments and thus creating her own personal memory lane.