Paul Batt set out on a photographic investigation of china

Photographic Investigation Of China

In his most recent project "A Single Line", Australian contemporary photographer Paul Batt set out on a photographic investigation of modern China.
Paul Batt photographically investigated China's urbanization

Subtle Truth About Modern Life

Paul Batt is a contemporary photographer from Australia. In his work he deals with questions about modern life and human traces in urban environments.
Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

Subtle. Delicate – Extraterrestrial

Polish artist Inez Baturo dedicates herself to fine art landscape photography because she feels that it is "something that is underestimated in arts".

Photographs From The Gut

Katie Shapiro (USA), landscape photographer: "Once I produce work, I sit and think about it and research almost always comes secondary to making the work."

Getting Lost In Nature

Helena Rovira (Spain), contemporary photographer: "The focus of my photographic universe revolves around territory and landscape."

Balance Of Content And Form

Jessica Auer (Canada), landscape photographer: "Photography pervades my life as I take photographs, think or write about images every day."

Photographing Paintings

Kris Graves (USA), landscape and portrait photographer: "I try to be as technical as possible. My job is photographing paintings."