Featured Photographers

Sarah Stacke (USA) -Documentary Photographer - www.sarahstacke.com

Sarah Stacke

For documentary photographer Sarah Stacke photography is the way "I process life events – my own and those around me – and questions of humanity".
Gayle Stevens (USA) - www.sgaylestevens.com

S. Gayle Stevens

S. Gayle Stevens says about her passion photography: "It is my voice, at this point. But I am an artist not a photographer per se."
Gerard Boyer (Spain) - www.gerardboyer.info

Gerard Boyer

Spanish artist Gerard Boyer is fond of traditional analog processes in photography: "I love the promise of a magic image to appear in the darkroom."
Gary D. Chapman (UK) - www.garydchapman.co.uk

Gary D. Chapman

For Gary D. Chapman photography is not snapping things here and there, but a tool to create a whole story in just one frame.
Image from French photographer Marie Carladous

Marie Carladous

French artist Marie Carladous has a passion for film photography and portraiture. Later she turns her prints into hand-coloured photographs.
Money Sleeps Here is one of the latest projects from Jason Koxvold

Jason Koxvold

In his work photographer Jason Koxvold is dealing with the topology of globalisation under the working title "Everything, and nothing".
Spanish contemporary photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is known for her dreamlike and mysterious images.

Andrea Torres Balaguer

With her surreal images Spanish artist Andrea Torres Balaguer is searching to experiment with the boundaries between reality and fiction.
Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

Inez Baturo

Polish artist Inez Baturo has specialized in fine art landscape photography. She says: "Landscape gives a chance to show emotions above details."
Photographer Jeanne Wells uses traditional photographic processes and analog techniques

Jeanne Wells

Jeanne Wells is fond of alternative photographic processes: "I want to show the world as I know it: broken or whole, rebuilding, appearing, disappearing."
Image from the project Friday Night from US documentary photographer David Pace

David Pace

David Pace's goal is to create a visual record of life in the village over an extended period of time.
Image of a boy from documentary photographer Karen Dias

Karen Dias

Quiet and reserved by nature, the camera in hand feels like having an all-access pass to the backstage of the world to photojpournalist Karen Dias.
Artist profile of Serbian photographer Bogdan Radenkovic

Bogdan Radenkovic

Serbian artist Bogdan Radenkovic talks about his intuitive way of taking images and trying to discover a link between them.
Paris Undressed - Photographer Natasha Gudermane and her series of intimate portraits of Parisienne women

Natasha Gudermane

Latvian photographer Natasha Gudermane set out to explore her new home Paris taking a series of intimate portraits of Parisian women.
Black and White image from Croatian photographer Damir Matijevic

Damir Matijevic

For Croatian artist Damir Matijevic photography means to make emtions visible. The content of photography determines the shape of formats.