Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

“Landscape is something that is underestimated nowadays in arts.”

Inez Baturo (born 1966) is a fine art landscape photographer from Poland.

She’s self-taught when it comes to photography.

Artist statement

“There is enough horror, human stupidity, violence, indifference in the surrounding world (…) I do not want to multiply that in images. Nature may be an escape.

I find remnants of freedom and kindness in landscape, I find harmony and beauty, which people do not esteem nowadays, but which they anyway seem to lack. Being aware, that it is not popular nowadays, I declare that we should cherish life and beauty (like it used to be in ancient times).

Landscape gives a chance to show emotions above details.

It is a measure of sensibility, and the art of seeing.

A detail is transformed into the general, color is diffused and unreal.

But I do not mean to show the outer world only.

Photographing landscape I represent myself.

It is my portrait.”

Interview with Inez Baturo

Inez, why did you become a photographer?

I have become a photographer when I realized that photography can convey my emotions, can interpret reality.

And why fine art landscape photography?

Landscape is something that is underestimated nowadays in arts.

But it is one of the most important elements in life of human beings.

It gives freedom. It unites us with the world. I do not want to multiply ugliness. There will come times when we will long for harmonious landscapes around us, while there will hardly be seen any.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is a means of communication between me and other people.

It can change the world, it can change people.

How would you describe your photographic language and creative process? How do you plan and execute a project? Both technically and conceptually?

I take photos with film dias. I print them myself in my darkroom.

Color is very important for me, as I can convey more with that.

It is difficult, to make the color as a personal statement but I think in color.

My color is very subtle, delicate, monochromatic, as if extraterrestrial.

There is little details seen in my photos, resembling our dreams.

Before I go to take photos, I have their image in my mind.

Then, I go to find them in the nature, looking for exceptional light and harmonious composition.

Which photographer has inspired you most?

Michael Kenna – harmony, silence.

Eberhard Grames – harmony, perfect composition.

Ragnar Axelsson – exceptional way of looking, consistency of a series.

What’s your favorite inspirational quote about photography?

“Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.”

Herni Frederic Amiel

When we look what happens to the world landscape nowadays, we will know what is the spirit of humanity today.

What’s your favorite website about photography?

That would be

What book about photography would you recommend?

“World History of Photography” by Naomi Rosenblum (Abbeville Press).

It is one of the most important books on photography, covering all genders and all continents of the world. The most update book – starting before 1839 up to 21st century. Shown a very profound image of world photographers.

Which advice would you give someone who wants to get started with photography?

Just be true to yourself. Do not try to satisfy everybody. Follow your own dreams.

Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

Image from Polish contemporary photographer Inez Baturo

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