Image from the series Love Bites from Tim Richmond showing an empty bar

Tim Richmond

Image from the series Wesley Court from Alison Gibson portraying people living in a sheltered housing complex in Granton Edinburgh

Alison Gibson

Lake side atmosphere captured by photographer Polly Balitro

Polly Balitro

Image of a Disco Ball in a box taken by photographer Lisa Kereszi

Lisa Kereszi

Image from US photographer Monica Denevan taken in Burma

Monica Denevan

Her portrait photography is inspired by Gregory Crewdson says Crystal Davis photography

Crystal Davis

For visual storyteller Crystal Davis photography is a powerful means to freeze a moment in time and to deeply impact the audience.
Image from the series If I Wake Up Before I Die from Portuguese photographer Teresa Sa Photography

Teresa Sá

For Teresa Sa photography means finding her own view of reality and creating a visual representation of it with its own beauty.
A young woman carrying her child on this picture from Maarten van Riel

Maarten van Riel

For Dutch artist Maarten van Riel photography is a way to keep a visual diary. In his images he tries to combine humor and mystery.
Image of a man sitting in a cafe taken by Darran Roper street photographer

Darran Roper

For Darran Roper street photography means a creaticve interaction with his surroundings and to extract a little piece of reality.
Portrait series from Dutch photograher Claire Felicie photography about marines who fought in Afghanistan

Claire Felicie

For Dutch visual artist Claire Felicie photography has a certain ‘mystic’ and ‘magic’. It all started with a couple of family photo-books about her mother.
Thai Chi in Hong Kong photographed by Grainne Quinlan Photography

Grainne Quinlan

For Grainne Quinlan photography is a medium to interact with her subjects. She calls herself a performance photographer.