Her portrait photography is inspired by Gregory Crewdson says Crystal Davis photography

Crystal Davis

For visual storyteller Crystal Davis photography is a powerful means to freeze a moment in time and to deeply impact the audience.
Image from the series If I Wake Up Before I Die from Portuguese photographer Teresa Sa Photography

Teresa Sá

For Teresa Sa photography means finding her own view of reality and creating a visual representation of it with its own beauty.
A young woman carrying her child on this picture from Maarten van Riel

Maarten van Riel

For Dutch artist Maarten van Riel photography is a way to keep a visual diary. In his images he tries to combine humor and mystery.
Image of a man sitting in a cafe taken by Darran Roper street photographer

Darran Roper

For Darran Roper street photography means a creaticve interaction with his surroundings and to extract a little piece of reality.
Portrait series from Dutch photograher Claire Felicie photography about marines who fought in Afghanistan

Claire Felicie

For Dutch visual artist Claire Felicie photography has a certain ‘mystic’ and ‘magic’. It all started with a couple of family photo-books about her mother.
Thai Chi in Hong Kong photographed by Grainne Quinlan Photography

Grainne Quinlan

For Grainne Quinlan photography is a medium to interact with her subjects. She calls herself a performance photographer.