Panji performance Portraits of a Thousand Years a project by Spanish documentary photographer Diego Zapatero

The Panji Performance: Portraits Of A Thousand Years

Diego Zapatero reconstructed the set of characters and costumes of the ancient Panji performance, true to the old style of portrait photography.
Image taken by editorial and portrait photographer Michael Epps photography

Stirring The Senses

Portrait of Monomyth taken by Michel Mees

Curiosity About People

Her portrait photography is inspired by Gregory Crewdson says Crystal Davis photography

Constructed Narratives

Street Photography

A blond man in a black outfit is walking by a big advertisement showing a fashion model. Image from street photographer Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Siddhartha Mukherjee: “The Ordinary Has Become Beautiful”

Through the act of shooting street photographs, Siddhartha Mukherjee has learnt to accept life more impartially. The ordinary has become beautiful.

Fine Art Photography

Dreamlike And Mysterious

Spanish contemporary photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is known for her dreamlike and mysterious images.
The dreamlike and mysterious photography of Spanish fine art photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer is inspired by surreal ideas.

“Free The Thoughts In My Head”

Image from US fine art and wedding photographer Carey Primeau
Fine art photographer Carey Primeau talks about the power of photography - its power to influence culture, improve lives and social change.

Freezing Magical Moments

Image from fine art photographer Violet Gray photography
For fine art photographer Violet Gray photography is all about capturing fleeting moments that otherwise would have gone by unnoticed.

Contemporary Photography

Image from the project "Pale on Pale" by photographer Milena Gjorgjevska

Milena Gjorgjevska: Pale On Pale

In this interview Milena Gjorgjevska talks about her project "Pale On Pale". It's an attempt to make minimal and light compositions with dark content.

Landscape Photography

Image from French contemporary landscape photographer Thomas Bouquin

Territorial Identities

For Thomas Bouquin the most pleasing moment is when photography allows him to meet people he wouldn’t have met other way.
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