aCurator Full screen magazine featuring photography and art, edited and published by Julie Grahame in New York.

Ahorn Magazine Online publication about contemporary photography.

Ain’t That Bad Magazine A quarterly art journal focusing on images that discuss human existence, culture, and contemporary issues.

All About Photo An excellent resource for photographers and photography lovers.

Asian Photography Blog Great collection of contemporary photographers from Asia, curated by Ch’ng Yaohong.


Bildwerk 3 Online photography magazine from Germany curated by Marko Radloff.

Blink BLINK is an independent and non-profit, distinctive photography magazine that features fresh work by contemporary artists. It’s published monthly as an artist book project. The magazine serves as exhibition space that embraces every aspect of photography.

Booooooom A blog about art, photography, film, music, design, and collaborative projects.

Burn Magazine Online feature for emerging photographers worldwide, curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.


Ciel Varibale Art photography magazine from Canada.

CFYE Magazine is an online magazine aimed at exploring the thoughts and works of those who are most passionate about their craft.

Copypasteculture Platform for visual culture.


Daylight is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books.

Deepsleep Quarterly online photography magazine founded by and featuring work from a small group of contributors who share the same office space in Shoreditch, East London. Each issue is on a specific theme and guest contributors are invited to submit a set of images based on that theme.

Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature with a focus on photography. It addresses itself to people with an affinity for image and text. There’s an online and print edition, in English and in German.

“Die Nacht” is a print-magazine for photography, design and subculture. Photography is the main topic, but 1-2 illustrators, graphic-designer, etc. are featured, as well as articles about underground movies and music and photo book, fanzine and magazine reviews.


Fantom publication about the uses and abuses of photography.

Feature Shoot showcases work from emerging photographers alongside established photographers who have completed a new project.

F8 Magazine Online photography magazine dedicated to documentary photography and photojournalism.

F-Stop – A Photography Magazine Fine Art E-zine featuring works of individual artists as well as group exhibitions, usually devoted to a single theme.


Girls On Film Contemporary photography zine which showcases portraits taken with film cameras.


ION Magazine Art. Fashion. Music. Culture. Online and on the streets. From Canada.


ND Magazine Interesting online photography magazine providing articles, interviews and features about contemporary photographers from all genres.

No Caption Needed is a book and a blog, each dedicated to discussion of the role that photojournalism and other visual practices play in a vital democratic society. No caption needed, but many are provided.

No Fiction is dedicated to showcasing documentary film and photography from around the world.


Piel de Foto Magazine, featuring emerging photographers (in Spanish).

Photo Weenie’s mission is to bring greater awareness to emerging and established photographers.

Pogo Books is an independent publisher of limited edition art books and zines in small print runs. Demanding and promoting talents in the areas of photography, painting, drawing and contemporary nonsense.

Positive Magazine Different views around the world.

Prison Photography Socially engaged photography bringing attention things previously unsaid and directing attention to things said but unrecorded.


SeeSaw Magazine An Online photography magazine featuring the finest of international contemporary photography.

Shooting Wide Open Photographer Jin Zhu blogs about fine art and documentary photography. Featuring contemporary photographers, thoughts on process and more.

show.me.pictures Independent publisher and blog dedicated to photography and the visual arts, working to inspire and stir the creative senses.

Square Magazine is a bilingual online quarterly about square format photography.

SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine is dedicated to contemporary photography and the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today. It is available to download for free as a PDF three times a year.

Svärta is a feed providing articles in arts, design, tech and basically anything visually attractive.

Sweet Station Collaborative weblog for designers, illustrators, artists, as well as the artistic at heart. Hoping to inspire creativity and referred for constant inspiration.


The Artist And His Model A curated selection of art, design, fashion and photography from Singapore and around the world.

The Roaming Eye Miranda Gavin blogs on international photography and lens-based media in the 21st century.

The 37th Frame Ad free and reader supported online digest featuring a beautifully curated showcase of emerging photojournalist talents.


VII The Magazine is an innovative online project that will give readers unprecedented intimate access and insight to the work of the world’s leading photographers.


zzzzoom is another way of showcasing talented and emerging photographers’ work. Each contributor answers 7 questions with her/his own photographs.


0_100 Digitally printed fanzine focussing on contemporary photography.

200/70 Blog Daily design blog, full of design trends, events, portfolios, young design bloods, interviews, photography, fashion, and everything nice.

500 Photographers Features of 500 photographers from all genres, contemporary and great masters.

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  1. Good evening, I am an avid photographer who develops analog and print personally in the darkroom, I also have a website where I promote and sell my photographs and explain my immense love for traditional photography film. It would be a pleasure for me and an honor to appear on your blog interesting!
    I hope to hear soon, I wish you all the best,
    Antonio Biagiotti


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