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Great work of photojournalism Anton Kusters and Yakuza
Photojournalism: An image from Anton Kusters’ series “Yakuza” about the Japanese mafia


On the nature of photojournalism


Photojournalists don’t just illustrate news with their photos, they often even tell the story. In times where people tend to spend less time reading, visual images become the main source of what we learn about the world we live in. Take your time to find out about the secrets of a great news photo. And see what you can learn about photojournalism taking advice from professional photojournalists. For further reference on the subject you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Magnum Photos and browsing through the excellent work of emerging photojournalists and documentary photographers showcased on Burn Magazine.

On this site you might want to check out an essay about what is photojournalism and how it developed over the years.


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