Tickling The Eye

Gregor Servais (The Netherlands), portrait and travel photographer: "I just go from one photo to the next and try to make the best possible."
Image from the series Oneness from Gonzalo Benard

“Bringing The Taboo To Beauty”

Gonzalo Bénard (Portugal), visual artist: "I've always been a 'voyeur' of people, their behavior, the personal and collective consciousness."

Alternative Kind Of Photographic Truth

Michael Goldberg (Australia), contemporary photographer: "I create images that blur the line between documentary truth and theatrically staged photography."

Rough Edges

Jennifer Harnack (Germany), fashion photographer: "My photography isn't the most commercial. I don't like to show the beauty of cute and faultless girls."

Most Sincere Way of Communicating

Andrew Kovalev (Russia), portrait photographer: "Trying to fit a person into constraints of your expectations wouldn't do any good."

Raw Beauty Within A Picture

Osman Balkan (Germany), photographer: "Photography is my best friend. It's always been there for me and hopefully it always will."

Search For Subtle Clues

James Maher (USA), fine art and portrait photographer: "It's easy to capture an interesting person or scene, but it's hard to capture an idea."