Visually Stimulating

Brandon Scales, US-photojournalist: "Photography is a medium that allows me to act as quickly as my mind works. It helps me refrain from restlessness."
Image from French documentary photographer Thomas Girondel


Photojournalist Thomas Girondel is focusing on the conditions of citizens in war zones as well as the freedom of speech in struggling countries.

Observation Is The Key

Indian photographer Satyaki Basu observes people and respects them. He doesn't violate anyone's privacy without their permission.
Image from photographer Glorianna Ximendaz

Changing Realities

Documentary photographer Glorianna Ximendaz says she can't change the world with her photos, but she can change realities.
Images from the essay November is a beginning about Syrian refugees and the European refugee crisis by Finnish photojournalist Esa Ylijaasko

November Is A Beginning

Finnish photographer Esa Ylijaasko set out to visually explore the situation of thousands of Syrian exiles housing in Istanbul on their flight from the war at home.
Copa para quem - The World Cup for whom - Not all Brazilians are happy with the big soccer tournament being hosted in their country

The Dark Side Of The World Cup In Brazil

The World Cup in Brazil mixed passion with social protest. This is a look at the other side of the biggest event in football.
Image from British documentary photographer Luke Duggleby

“Showing People What You See”

Interview with award-winning documentary photographer Luke Duggleby about his passion for exploring the world through his viewfinder.
Image from the project Gold Mining from US documentary photographer David Pace

Gold Mining

David Pace about 'Gold Mining': “I am fascinated by the men who risk their lives by descending into the earth in these narrow shafts."
St. Gazantchetots Church, Shushi, from the "Father Land" series © Ara Oshagan

Photography From The Guts

In his work Ara Oshagan mixes photography with fiction. It's all about identity, memory and a certain obsession with the margins of society.
Image from Giorgio Taraschi Hotel Waria

“Hotel Waria”

Sneak peek: Italian documentary photographer Giorgio Taraschi talks about his project about the lives of young transgender in Indonesia.
Bartek Langer Documentary Photographer

Evoking Emotions

Photojournalist Bartek Langer about covering humanitarian crisis like the fate of Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq.
Rob Stothard Cricket

A Mirror Of Diversity

Photojournalist Rob Stothard and his in-depth visual exploration of cricket as a mirror of current national identity in England.
Image from documentary photographer and photojournalist Ami Vitale photography

Stories Out Of The Headlines

Award-winning documentary photographer Ami Vitale about the importance of covering stories out of the headlines.
Image from the series Anywhere But Here from Australian documentary photographer Ian Flanders photography

Let It Bleed

Documentary photographer Ian Flanders talking about his heart moving series on human trafficking and sex slavery.