Image from documentary photographer and photojournalist Mark Esper photography

Missing Moments

For Mark Esper photography is a means to capture "missing moments, be they beautiful or seen from a usual perspective".

Respect For The Subject

Manfredi Pantanella (Italy), photojournalist: "Nowadays, technical skills are not central, the most important issue is what you want to use it for."
A girl dressed in a white wedding gown photographed by Greta Rybus

Catalyst For Change

Greta Rybus is a photojournalist and portrait photographer from the USA. For her photography means adventure and to witness reality.
A man walking up a mountain photographed by Rony Zakaria

Fresh Mind

Rony Zakaria is a photojournalist from Indonesia. He approaches his projects with a fresh mind and open eyes for what is happening in front of him.
Image from the project Western China from John Francis Peters showing a furr covered chair on the street

Collaborating With The Unknown

John Francis Peters is a documentary photographer from the USA. In his work he's exploring environments in transition, like China.
A girl sleeping on a front porch photographed by Matt Black

Let The Pictures Come To You

Matt Black is a documentary photographer from the USA focusing on exploring the changing human relationship to land, food, and farming.
Image from the series Confession Of A Shark from Emilio Barillaro

The Confession Of A Shark

For his underwater photography project "The Confession Of A Shark", Emilio Barillaro chose an unconventional setting: the sea.
Image from the series "Somewhere" from photographer Andres Gonzalez

Photographic Haikus

In this interview photographer Andres Gonzalez explains his passion to push the boundaries of photography and why his images resemble photographic haikus.

Stories And Emotions

Natia Rekhviashvili (Georgia), contemporary photographer: "Photography is serious work, and also art. It is a great way to tell a story."

Visual Vocabulary

Jo Straube, photojournalist from Norway: "What I love most about photography is that I meet people in places I would never go if I was not a photographer."

Giving A Sense To Reality

Elena Perlino (Italy), photojournalist: "Photography means to give a sense to reality. It's impressive the amount of different levels that are involved."

Interacting With People

Marc Shoul (South Africa), photojournalist: "I'm so blessed to be a picture junkie. It's my breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, and my favourite snack."

Loneliness And Mystery

Yurian Quintanas Nobel (Spain), photojournalist: "I establish contact with the people I photograph and let some time pass for them to forget the camera."

Talent. Passion. Experience.

Albertina d'Urso (Italy), photojournalist: "I'm never looking for things I already saw. Instead I try to show the things the way I'm feeling them."