Humility And Simplicity

Tino Soriano (Spain), National Geographic Photographer: "A minimum of post-production, and a maximum of concentration while shooting."
Great work of photojournalism Anton Kusters and Yakuza

Making Sense Of The World

Anton Kusters (Belgium), photographer: "Try to develop a voice, an authorship, how you tell a story. If style is important, it will come automatically."

Opening New Windows

Soham Gupta (India), photojournalist: "Photojournalism is one of the few fields which keep opening new windows in one's mind."

Something That Can’t Be Said In Words

Linda Forsell (Sweden), photojournalist: "I always wanted photos to evoke a sense of recognition in the viewer instead of distance from the subject."

“Photography Is A Vessel”

Donald Weber (Canada), photojournalist: "I'm not a huge lover of photography, but I love to be with my camera and meet people I normally wouldn't get to."

“Photography Is A Mean Of Existence”

G.M.B. Akash, photojournalist: "I strive to change the world through photography, for how little it may be, trying to find the way of love and peace."

Generating Questions

Gianluca Gamberini (Italy), photographer: "A great photo is the one that makes you doubt, an image that generates questions in the spectator."

Patience. Dedication. Insomnia.

Hollis Bennett (USA), commercial and editorial photographer: "I don't like to primp and preen and micro manage my shoots and subjects."

Time To Think

Polly Braden (Scotland), photographer: "To me photography is a time to think. Especially when I am doing my own work, it is a very reflective time."

Richness In Everyday Life

Federico Peretti (Argentina), photojournalist: "I find richness in everyday life, not in staged things. I don't like to "create" a photograph."

Fragments Of Life

Mark Ovaska (USA), photojournalist: "The photograph is just a kind of trace element that is left behind; fragments of life."

Photographing Intimacy

Guido Gazzilli (Italy), photographer: "I've always been attracted by small details. I started to take photos to explore, transmit and reflect."

“What My Eyes Can’t Catch”

Marco Bottelli (Italy), photojournalist: "I'm interested in what my eyes can't catch, the inexpressible. I try to represent the mysterious side of things."

“A Way To Look At Reality”

Gianluca Tamorri (Italy), photojournalist: "A photograph does not ensure observing reality, but it gives us a specific way to look at it."