“Capturing The Atmosphere”

Aga Luczakowska (Poland), photojournalist: "I follow the atmosphere of a place. The most important thing for me is to capture what the place is about."

The Hunter With The Camera

Paul S. Amundsen (Norway), photojournalist: "I find 99% of all photography dull, including my own. Still I can't stop doing it. It's like hunting."

Keeping It Natural

Filippo Mutani (Italy), photographer: "I don't think photography can explain the world. But sure it can help you to understand a little more of yourself."

Intimacy With The Subject

Arindam Mukherjee (India), documentary photographer: "The deeper I can get to the subject, the better. I don't just aim at clicking beautiful photographs."

Simple. Direct. Humanist.

Eduardo Longoni (Argentina), photojournalist: "My photography is simple, direct, and documentary. And above all things humanist."