Street Photographers

A Search For Sense

Carmelo Eramo, street photographer from Italy: "My photography is made of strong contrasts, like my land. A land of dazzling lights and deep, dark shadows."

Man And Urban Environment

Umberto Verdoliva, street photographer from Italy: "Photography shows the deepest part of us. I believe it could be compared to writing poems."
Image taken by street photographer Alexis Vasilikos of a girl and a woman sitting on a bench while dog is peeing on the side

Questions Without Answers

Lukas Vasilikos, street photographer from Greece: "I became a photographer because it's the easiest way for me to tell things about myself."
Black and White Photograph from iPhone photographer Richard Koci Hernandez

Human Narratives With A Film-Noir Flavor

In his images with gritty textures iPhone photographer Richard Koci Hernandez captures movie like momemts with a film-noir flair.
Image from the series From England with Love from French street photographer Jerome Lorieau

From England With Love

In "From England With Love" Jerome Lorieau visually explores British culture interested in knowing what his photographs have to reveal about it.
Image from the series Signs from Street Photographer Akkara Naktamna

Humorous Street Photography

Akkara Naktamna talking about his humorous street photography approach focussing on ordinary things we often choose to overlook.
Image from the series New Story For The Place by Oleg Koval

New Story For The Place

In "New Story For The Place" Oleg Koval is focussing on daily life, observing and looking around with hope to find something usual or unusual.
Image from Indian street photographer Soumya Shankar Ghosal

Hidden Stories In The Ordinary

Soumya Shankar Ghosal roams the street of Kolkata searching for extraordinary stories hidden in ordinary elements.
Image from street photographer Luc Kordas

Street Is Raw. Street Is Real

Luc Kordas calls street photography "a weird and demanding genre" in which 99% is failure. If you hesitate a split second, the moment is gone.

Intuition And Quick Response

Jimmy Dovholt (Sweden), street photographer: "I really like photos that manage to frame the clues, but exclude the answers."

Something Like A Movie

Street photographer Christos Kapatos just goes out and observes. And if he's lucky, he will catch a frame of the theater of life.
Image from Indian photographer Dipayan Bhattacharjee photography

Framing Life

For street photographer Dipayan Bhattacharjee photography is a language of visual story-telling which helps him to share his world.
Image from Italian documentary and street photographer Fabrizio Quagliuso

Human Interactions

Fabrizio Quagliuso says that his passion for photography has stemmed from his natural curiosity and fondness for observing life and human interactions.
"I Had Planned To Burn It All": Street photographer Michael Ernest Sweet talks about his mayor artistic crisis.

“I Had Planned To Burn It All”

Street photographer Michael Ernest Sweet talks about his mayor artistic identity crisis and tells how he found new inspiration after hitting rock bottom.