“Feel What You Photograph”

Michael Ares (USA), street photographer: "A photographer needs good instinct with balanced composition to show the viewer why he took that image."
Almost ghost like looking street moment photographed by Alex Coghe

Playing With Reality

Alex Coghe (Italy), street photographer and photojournalist: "Street Photography is my calling, and the street was and is my gym, and my therapy."

Clear And Open Mind

Linda Wisdom (UK), street photographer: "An ordinary scene can be turned into a beautiful photograph if you look closely and open your creative mind."

Capturing Emotions

Vinoth Varatharajan (Canada), street photographer: "My projects have a direct correlation with emotions I dealt with, ranging from sorrow to redemption."

Beauty Of Life

Pedro Santiago (Guatemala), steet photographer: "The photographer must have a message to share, a unique point of view that imprints in the shot."

“Instinct Is Precious”

Shane Gray (UK), street photographer: "My style is quite bold in terms of shape and color with a fascination for quirky human predicaments and encounters."

Soulful And Gritty

Dana Barsuhn (USA), street photographer: "Photography is the one thing that I do each and every day without even thinking."

Looking For Beauty

Manuel Guerzoni (USA), street photographer: "I work with no expectation of producing anything. I look forward to being surprised."

Search For Subtle Clues

James Maher (USA), fine art and portrait photographer: "It's easy to capture an interesting person or scene, but it's hard to capture an idea."