Poker Photography Tips For Better Poker Photos

Learn how to take better poker photos
Poker photos: Find the right angle and perspective to capture the exciting atmosphere at a poker table.


Poker photos are not what they used to be. Nowadays photographers use fresh perspectives to capture the excitement at the poker tables. Learn more about taking innovative poker photos.



Every photographer in Germany is aware of the strict privacy laws implemented there, which is why they are very cautious when they’re out on the streets with their cameras. issued a warning that photographers should be careful in publishing pictures of people who are taken in Germany. This is because photos like these require the express consent of the subjects in the pictures. If published, photographers might be directed to take the photos down, and in extreme cases, a cease and desist order may even be served to them. However, this rule can be bent a little; according to, permissions are not needed when the pictures are taken in public gatherings such as in demonstrations or sporting events.



Much like German street photography, casinos also have restrictions when it comes to taking photos, especially poker photos. Most casinos have a “no photography” policy, and many surmise that this is because camera flashes can distract poker players at the gaming tables. This is why, instead of going around casinos in Berlin, photographers just cover prestigious poker tournaments which allow poker photos to be taken even while the matches are underway. Famous poker photographers frequently take snapshots of the happenings on partypoker World Poker Tour as well as the World Series of Poker to capture the emotions of the players as the events unfold. Poker photographers have veered away from the traditional shots of poker champions with a stack of chips, and they’ve ventured into innovative perspectives when it comes to pictures taken in a poker match. In this way, they said, their work will be kept fresh and not dull.

Ivey Hellmuth at the poker table

How, then, can we take brilliant poker photos? Arthur Crowson, who photographs poker tournaments for about a decade now, shares some tips regarding this. First, mind the lighting – it’s best if low light is used when you take poker photos in a poker competition. Lenses with an aperture of 2.8 or less are perfect for the pictures you’d want to take. Next, the basic settings of your camera should be as follows: ISO should be cranked up, the aperture should be wide open to maximize the light that goes in, and white balance should be set to Auto mode. If you’ve prepared all these then you’re ready to capture German champion Pius Heinz in action.

When taking photos near a poker table remember that you should not be in the way of anyone, especially the tournament staff. Bring along a monopod, and crouch in a low position to get the perfect angle of your subject and the background. In order to make sure that you have the correct settings, take a few test shots first. The best way to take a picture of a poker player is when they have cards in their hand and they’re looking up.


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