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Online Photography Film Festival

This year’s FOTOWEEK in Holland (26th – 29th September, 2013) comes with an innovation. The show organized by the Netherlands Photo Museum and FOAM Magazine is accompanied on the Internet by a project called “On Photography Film Festival”.

Curators of the virtual photography presentation are Erica McDonald and Barbara Brakel. “OP Film Festival is dedicated to spotlighting still photography and photographers through films and multimedia”, explains Erica McDonald.

Starting today the Online Photography Film Festival will present around 2 hours of film and video material running in a loop for 24 hour which can be enjoyed worldwide for free.

The idea behind the project is to showcase the work of a variety of different artists and by that raise questions and trigger discussions of educational value. The list includes full length photography movies from the following artists:

  1. Natasa von Kopp: “Worldstar”
  2. M.A. Littler: “ZOWNIR: Radical Man”
  3. Alexandru Solomon: “The destiny of Clara B.”
  4. Erdem Murat Çelikler: “While Everyone Else Sleeps”
  5. Jeff Orlowski: “Chasing Ice”
  6. Paul Cohen and Martijn van Haalen: “Photo Souvenir”
  7. Maud Nycander: “Photographer from Riga”
  8. Irek Dobrowolski and Fragile by Christian Klinger: “The Portraitist”

Movies about legendary photographers at “Online Photography Film Festival”

To wrap things up, guest curator Erica McDonald will present a selection of multimedia pieces by contemporary photographers. There’ll be examples of still photography alongside short movies and documentaries about some of the greatest photographers of all times, such as:

Jason Eskenazi, Wendel White, Anthony Sherin, David Oates and Mishka Henner, Carolyn Drake, Antoine D’Agata, Juri Rechinsky, Kate Fowler and Mark Strandquist, William Eggleston, August Sander, Reiner Holzemer, Anja Hitzenberger and Edward Ratliff, Jean-François Dars and Anne Papillault, Andre Kertesz, Bob Miller, Cornell Capa, Trisha Ziff, Rachel Elizabeth Seed, Hanna Sawka, Dennis Stock, Irina Rozovsky, Ken Schles and Alen MacWeeney.

Viewers can engage online on Facebook in discussions about the films shown during the “Online Photography Film Festival”.

If you are interested to see some photography films, you’ll enjoy the collection “The 10 Best Photography Movies”.

You might also want to check out the Youtube-Channel DEVELOPPhoto, curated by Erica McDonald.

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